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The Basque region is divided into at least three administrative units, namely the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarre in Spain, and the arrondissement of Bayonne and the cantons of Mauléon-Licharre and Tardets-Sorholus in the département of Pyrénées Atlantiques, France.. The autonomous community (a concept established in the Spanish Constitution of 1978) known as Euskal Autonomia ...

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Basque definition is - a member of a people inhabiting the western Pyrenees on the Bay of Biscay.

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Basque language, language isolate, the only remnant of the languages spoken in southwestern Europe before the region was Romanized in the 2nd through 1st century bce. The Basque language is predominantly used in an area comprising approximately 3,900 square miles (10,000 square kilometres) in Spain

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The ancient Basque culture has survived against the odds. We tour the region to see what's being done to preserve its unique identity Subscribe to the Guardi...

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Basque (euskara) Basque is a language with no known linguistic relatives spoken by about 660,000 people mainly in the Basque country (Euskal Herria) in the north of Spain and the south west of France.An ancestral form of Basque known as Aquitanian appears in Roman inscriptions in Aquitaine, in the southwest of France.


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